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Let’s focus on artist that I fell in love with. I discover this fresh young artist throughout James Arthur Playlist on spotify (https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1E4yACKd7wTw5b?si=bKt_DVttRaGZ3X1QoEbMsA ). The song was Lost On You (https://youtu.be/PUZqMw4rkVs) and I was touched in the heart right away. I was astonished by the energy of his voice and the facility that he has to pass his feeling in a song. LEWIS CAPALTI is a scottish aged of only 21, he began he musical career in the industry in 2017 with BLOOM EP, 4 songs including the famous BRUISES.  I’m a sucker for any songs which make me feel a little elegiac such as The Fray type of song. Don’t get me wrong, not talking about sad songs here but those songs that bring you back, that leave a mark on your life.

As you probably can understand, I truly believe we would hear from this young artist everywhere in the near future among the most talented.


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